Client Testimonials


I've always been one of those people who very much appreciates a good massage, but after seeing Lauren I was amazed at how little I knew of the scope of the therapeutic benefits involved.  

After Lauren's massages, I became aware of the benefits of a holistic approach to general well being.  Lauren is extremely adept at making this evident because she addresses all issues from the physical, to the psychological, to the emotional, with her positive energy, touch and unparalleled skill.  It is a privilege to receive a massage from Lauren; she is truly a master in the art of massage therapy.

~Gabriel Penaloza, Founder, United Football Academy

I've been going to Lauren for years, following her from workplace to workplace.  I have a herniated disk in my neck and she is always careful of that - I trust her completely.  I recently got my husband to see her and he's now a fan.  She listens very closely to what you want and does what's needed to fix you up.  Her skill level is high and she's just pleasant to be around. I've been to many therapists during the 10 years I've had this condition and she is definitely in the top 5. And her website, appointment system and payment system are easy to use.


I would highly recommend Lauren if you are looking for a professional and tailored massage in the DC area.  Her practice is convenient to the metro and bus routes.  She is exceptionally skilled and always willing to tailor your treatment to address specific concerns.  She has worked on everything from a painful shoulder issue to generic jet-lag.  A consummate professional, her personality puts you at ease from the moment you walk in.  I have had massages around the globe, and Lauren's rank near the top of the list.


I had the most amazing massage from Lauren last night!! I had spent the weekend with food poisoning and my body was aching.. my neck was so tight i could barely move it. Lauren dedicated her time to slowly but surely loosening all my muscles of my neck & upper back so that I could get some adjustment in my neck to ease the tension.
As a fellow Massage Therapist, I am extremely picky about who works on me. Lauren always gives me great treatments whether I need deep & intense or to be soothed & healed.


I have been receiving therapeutic massage treatments from Lauren for over two years.  I had a leg break several years ago which left one leg significantly shorter than the other, which puts an uneven strain on my pelvis, causing quite a bit of hip and lower back pain.  The special treatment which Lauren provides for me (as often as I can get in to see her) helps to straighten out that discrepancy and relieve the tightness & pain.  Lauren literally puts her whole body into her massage work, and she is - bar none - the best therapist from whom I have ever received treatment.  I would recommend her wholeheartedly for any sports injury or other physical infirmity.

~JW, Attorney, DOJ

I have been lifting weights for about 24 years and competed in my first bodybuilding contest 20 years ago.  Needless to say, I have had my share of aches and pains from years of pushing it to the edge.  Prior to meeting Lauren, I had been to other massage therapists, which helped some but really didn't alleviate the pain.  When I first sought out Lauren, I had some muscle tissue in my back that was bound up about the size of a shooter's marble.  After a few sessions with Lauren, the marbles went away and I was able to resume lifting as if I were 10 years younger!!!  Lauren is highly skilled and was able to work miracles with me.  I give Lauren my highest recommendation!!! 

~Dennis Collins, Engineer

Lauren Piro gives a fabulous course of instruction on infant massage. Sitting side by side with us, Lauren used an infant massage doll to show us a wide variety of strokes and presses on baby's legs, feet, belly, chest, back, and head, while we followed along. The best part of her teaching style is that I didn't feel like I was being "taught," per se, but rather was led on a journey of fun exploration with my baby. My husband and I learned a lot about the health benefits of the strokes and saw first-hand the immediate calming effect it had on my very active boy.

Also, Lauren's presence was soothing for both me and my baby. The atmosphere also was perfect for this: lights dimmed, music playing lightly in the background, and temperature warm and cozy.  My whole family continues to enjoy the benefits of the infant massage. I highly recommend learning infant massage from Lauren!


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