Therapeutic Massage by Lauren Piro, LMT, BCTMB, CIMI, CPT, CES

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Infant massage is an intimate form of connection that helps foster attachment and communication between you and your baby. It stimulates the sensory-motor system, supports organization and development of the central nervous system, strengthens the immune system and can help to regulate sleep patterns. 

For new parents, this course can increase feelings of competence and confidence, deepen your understanding of your baby's idiosyncratic communication cues, and provide a structure within which you can reconnect with your little one after work, travel or other time apart.

Utilizing a doll, your certified infant massage instructor will demonstrate techniques to massage your baby's whole body while you follow along. Common pediatric conditions and discomforts, including constipation, colic, reflux, fussiness and teething will be addressed.

The infant massage curriculum is ideally presented in a series of at least three sessions, but there is benefit to even a one time introduction to the work. Infants must be at least two weeks old and pre-crawling.

You'll need to bring two blankets, extra diapers and a changing pad to each class. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing, as techniques are taught on the floor.

Please email to schedule your private session or inquire about organizing your group.