Therapeutic Massage by Lauren Piro, LMT, BCTMB, CIMI, CPT, CES

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Aromatherapy     $12
Essential oils complement your therapeutic massage both aromatically and by absorbing directly into your bloodstream, where their healing properties begin to affect your body, mind, and spirit. Choose from oils designed to relax, uplift, calm, or revitalize as you unwind.  

Herbal Oil Infusions    $15
High quality organic solar oil infusions enhance your massage treatment considerably. Goldenrod has long been used by herbalists to ease lingering muscle aches, old unresolved injuries, and joint or ligament pain. Valerian is a powerful antispasmotic and pain relieving herb that helps to relax tension in muscles and nerves.

Hot Stone Therapy    $40
Heated basalt stones are incorporated into your treatment to warm and more deeply relax the muscles and joints, to increase circulation, to calm the nervous system, and to ground and balance the body and mind.